Road users urged to be responsible

With the long weekend approaching, Trans African Concessions (TRAC) urges members of the public, who will be on the country’s roads during this time, to act responsibly to ensure their and others’ safety.

High traffic volumes are expected along the N4 Toll Route, between the Solomon Mahlangu offramp in Gauteng and the Maputo Port, in Mozambique, over the next few days. A significant surge in traffic is anticipated on Thursday 26 April, Friday 27 April and Tuesday 1 May, 2018.

In anticipation of the increased traffic volumes, TRAC will again boost its efforts to accommodate the influx and ensure that our road stays safe and congestion free. To avoid severe traffic congestion on the Mozambican portion of the N4, the Stop/Go’s between Ressano Garcia and the Moamba Plaza will be removed from 27 April to 1 May. However, the three (3) Stop/Go’s in the Elandsvalley region will remain operational because the project is in a delicate phase and their temporary removal is impossible at this stage. Road users are therefore advised to use Schoemanskloof as an alternate route to enter and exit the Lowveld.

TRAC’s proactive road patrol teams will also conduct two daily patrols on 26 April and 1 May, whilst its roadside assistance and accident response teams and the TRAC Helpdesk will be on full alert throughout the long weekend.

High traffic volumes are expected en route to the Lebombo and Ressano Garcia Border Posts, which will not be operational 24-hours a day as is the case during conventional holiday periods. It is thus imperative for road users to plan their trips accordingly and give themselves enough time to reach their destination. TRAC also advises road users to be prepared for long delays at the borders, by ensuring that their vehicles have enough fuel and that they have enough water to remain hydrated in the relentless Lowveld and Mozambican heat.

TRAC also urges road users to obey all road regulations, traffic signage (permanent and temporary) and speed limits, and to be courteous to each other.

Road safety tips to follow:
* Make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy;
* Do not overload your vehicle
* Have a good rest before you embark on your journey;
* Take rest stops every two (2) hours or 200 km;
* Do not drink and drive;
* Avoid driver distractions. Do not talk or text on your mobile phone while driving;
* Wear a seatbelt and ensure your passengers do to – even those sitting in the back. Babies, toddlers and small children must be buckled into a car or
   booster seat, in the back;
* Drive defensively! Risk takers are collision makers;
Be visible – drive with your lights on at night and in adverse weather conditions;
* Only overtake when it is safe to do so;
Maintain at least a three-second following distance.

* Avoid distractions when walking near or crossing a road;
* Be visible – wear bright and/or reflective clothes, especially at night;
* Walk only on footpaths and pavements, next to a road, or use a pedestrian bridge. Do not walk on highways – it is illegal;
* Do not walk near a road if you’ve been drinking;
* Do not stop walking halfway across a road – remain next to the road until both lanes are   clear for you to cross safely;
* Look both ways before crossing a road – right, left and then right again.

The safety and wellbeing of the N4 Toll Route’s road users is TRAC’s primary concern and we urge everyone using our beautiful highway to make full use of our road safety initiative, by calling the TRAC Helpdesk on 0800 87 22 64 (South Africa) or +258 84 34 34 34 6 (Mozambique), for our fast assistance and response to any problem.

Road safety is our concern, celebrating life is our priority!

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Solange Soares Nicholson
Communications Manager
Tel:      +2713 755 3316 (switchboard)
Helpdesk: 0800 87 22 64

Increased traffic volumes recorded on the N4 Toll Route over Easter

TRAC is disappointed to report an increase in accidents and fatalities on the N4 Toll Route this Easter, compared to the same period last year.

Seventy-three accidents were recorded on the N4, from Thursday 29 March to Monday 2 April 2018, 40 of which occurred in South Africa and 33 in Mozambique. The number of fatalities also increased, with three fatalities recorded in the Lowveld in South Africa and one in Mozambique.


Two people died on Thursday morning, when their bakkie overturned on the Ring Road, near Mbombela, and a pedestrian was killed near Sterkspruit later that day. In Mozambique, on Friday, a pedestrian died in a hit and run near the Ressano Garcia Border Post. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased and wish all those injured in accidents along our route a speedy recovery.


As expected, a major increase in traffic was recorded over the Easter weekend, with hourly counts at TRAC’s biggest and busiest South African toll plaza, Middelburg, reaching over 2 250 cars on Monday 2 April. The Ressano Garcia and Lebombo border posts also reported extremely busy conditions on Thursday, Friday and Monday, although no heavy delays were experienced.


TRAC played a significant role by supporting traffic management measures en-route to the border post, by distributing traffic control flyers in South Africa and Mozambique, providing signage and lighting and distributing water sachets to waiting road users.

Our efforts would not be possible without the assistance of other stakeholders and TRAC expresses its gratitude and appreciation to law enforcement agencies, emergency services and contractors that assisted us en-route to the borders and along the route. These stakeholders, TRACAssist and TRAC’s 24-hour Helpdesk worked around the clock to keep the route and road users safe and to manage traffic. Their efforts are greatly appreciated. 



Solange Soares Nicholson

Communications Officer
Tel:     +2713 755 3316 (switchboard)

Road users urged to plan their Easter trip

The N4 Toll Route expects high traffic volumes this Easter weekend as thousands of holiday-makers and workers make the long trek from Gauteng to Mpumalanga and Mozambique.


In anticipation of these high volumes, Trans African Concessions (TRAC) will again boost its efforts to accommodate the influx of traffic and ensure that the N4 highway, east of Tshwane, stays safe and congestion free.


Statistics indicate that the Easter weekend sees the biggest surge in traffic volumes on this route, with traffic expected to be extremely high between 11:00 and 22:00 on Thursday, 29 March and on Monday, 02 April.  TRAC will thus again hold the TRAC N4 Easter Road Safety Awareness Campaign at Alzu Petroport and other strategic locations along the 570km route.


On 29 March we will hold the first stage of the campaign at Alzu. During this event we’ll interact with members of the public to generate road safety awareness, offer a well-deserved and proper rest stop (including free coffee and massages) and educate them about TRAC’s 24-hour Helpdesk and TRACAssist, both of which will be on full alert throughout the Easter holiday.


The second stage of the campaign will be held on 2 April and will see emergency services and TracAssist stationed at strategic points along the route, from 10:00 to 22:00, including Bronkhorstspruit (Gauteng), Alzu (Highveld), Milly’s (Highveld/Lowveld), Kia Ora (Lowveld), Hectorspruit (Lowveld) and the Matola Weighbridge (Mozambique). Each station will be the central dispatch centre for various sections of the N4 Toll Route, to reduce response times to roadside emergencies and incidents.


TracAssist and the TRAC 24-hour Helpdesk will lead stage two of the campaign, with the latter being the communications’ hub. The TRAC Helpdesk is the first to be alerted of incidents on the road and therefore plays a vital role in this project. Other participating emergency services include private and public ambulance services and Paramedics, Fire and Rescue, Provincial Traffic, SAPS, pathology units and TRAC Accident Response.


TRAC will work hand-in-hand with the Lebombo Border Control Operational Coordinating Committee to assist with traffic management measures en route to the border post. This will be done through the distribution of traffic control flyers and the provision of signage and other logistical requirements. According to border officials, the border will be open 24 hours a day from 28 March to 4 April 2018. Road users are urged to plan their trip accordingly, bearing in mind the heavy traffic volumes expected all along the N4 Toll Route, but especially at the international crossing.


To avoid severe traffic congestion on the Mozambican portion of the N4, Stop/Go’s for the roadworks between Ressano Garcia and the Moamba Plaza will be removed from 30 March to 2 April. However, the section between Shoprite in Matola and the Maputo Plaza, which is also under construction, is expected to be congested despite two lanes in each direction being kept open.


Unfortunately, TRAC will be unable to halt the roadworks in the Elandsvalley section this Easter, as the project is at a delicate stage. There will still be three Stop/Go’s in this section and road users are advised to use Schoemanskloof to enter and exit the Lowveld.


The safety and wellbeing of the N4 Toll Route’s road users is TRAC’s primary concern and we urge everyone using our beautiful road to make full use of our road safety initiative, by calling the TRAC Helpdesk on 0800 87 22 64 in South Africa or +258 84 34 34 34 6 in Mozambique, for fast assistance and response to any problem.


Road safety is our concern, celebrating life is our priority!



#TRACN4 #MoreThanJustARoad




Solange Soares Nicholson

Communications Officer
Tel:      +2713 755 3316 (switchboard)

Upgrades ensure the Maputo Corridor remains in line with international standards

The upgrade and rehabilitation of certain sections of the N4 Toll Route is progressing well and Trans African Concessions (TRAC) is confident that the road works being undertaken will ensure that the Maputo Corridor remains on par with world standards.


The expansion and rehabilitation works between the Highveld and OR Tambo Interchanges, which commenced in April 2017, is still underway. The project comprises expansion of parts of this section into a six (6)-lane carriageway. The project also consists of the widening of eight (8) bridges, pavement rehabilitation and ancillary works. Completion still due for September 2018. 


Although the new lanes have been built, the overlay is still required – a task that is expected to commence in due course. As from the middle of March 2018 the rehabilitation of the slow lanes and shoulder on both the eastbound and westbound will also commence. Road users are warned that this may result in lane restrictions during daytime and therefore they are urged to be cautious, adhere to all road construction-related signage and plan their trips accordingly. 


Another section of the N4 Toll Route under construction is Section 6 E between Malaga Hotel and Montrose in the Lowveld. Phase 2 of this triple phase project is well underway and includes the construction of five (5) kilometres of passing lanes and extensive rehabilitation work on 23 kilometres of pavement. It also includes the widening of culverts and bridges as well as ancillary works.


Due to the topography of the section, permanent Stop/Go’s have been in place since the start of the project with the average stoppage time at each Stop/Go being approximately 20 minutes. Waiting times may however differ from day-to-day depending on the daily traffic count and construction needs. TRAC is however pleased to announce that the project remains on track to be concluded by September 2018.


The upgrade of the N4 between Hectorspruit to the Strydomblock Intersection is complete and all those who have travelled this section over the last few weeks can testify that the recent rehabilitation and upgrade was well worth it.


TRAC’s extensive upgrades on the Mozambican side of the N4 Toll Route continue. The rehabilitation of Section 16 (between Ressano Garcia and Moamba) may be slightly delayed, but much progress can be noted. Two permanent Stop/Go’s are currently in effect and delays of approximately 15 minutes can be expected. The project was expected to be complete in December 2017 but is now expected to be completed by the end of April 2018.


The upgrade of the N4 in Maputo, also referred to as MDC Sections 19 and 20, is also ongoing, albeit also slightly behind schedule. This project includes comprehensive roadworks between the Shoprite Centre Intersection in Matola and the 16 of June Circle in Maputo. It further includes the construction of two (2) additional lanes (one in each direction) which in turn will result in a six (6)-lane carriageway in this section. 


The rehabilitation of the pavement and the widening of seven (7) structures also forms part of the construction works which are now estimated to be concluded at the beginning of 2019.  Given that this is the busiest section of the entire N4 Toll Route managed by TRAC, there will be no lane closures, however, lane deviations and partial closure of intersections will require speed restrictions as part of the safety measures. The latter does affect traffic flow, especially during peak times, and road users are urged to be cautious, vigilant and patient.



Solange Soares Nicholson

Communications Manager

Tel:         +2713 755 3316 (switchboard)

Assunto: Esclarecimento sobre tráfego de camiões na EN4

Chegam-nos, nos últimos tempos, informações da existência de uma condenação pública da TRAC pelo aumento de tráfego de camiões na Estrada Nacional número quatro.


Numerosas postagens nas redes sociais e mensagens no Whatsapp fazem eco ao aumento de camiões, a maioria afirmando que a TRAC é responsável por isso e exige que nós façamos algo para conter o tráfego daquele tipo de viaturas por forma a melhorar a mobilidade e a segurança rodoviária na nossa estrada.


No entanto, como TRAC, gostaríamos de indicar que não temos absolutamente nenhum controlo sobre o tráfego de camiões, pois somos simplesmente a concessionária da estrada. Isto significa que fomos contratados pelo Governo, através da Administração Nacional de Estradas (ANE), para construir, gerir e operar a estrada, mas não temos qualquer instrumento legal para impedir a circulação de determinado tipo de veículos.


As alegações de que estamos em colaboração com o Porto de Maputo para garantir que a carga chegue ao porto através da nossa estrada e não por via ferroviária são também falsas. Não existe, e nunca foi, nenhum acordo desse tipo. O facto de os operadores de carga entre África do Sul e Moçambique optarem por usar a EN4 como sua rota de transporte é exclusivamente da responsabilidade deles e as razões para este procedimento apenas eles (os operadores de carga) podem indicar.


Não negamos o facto de as obras de reabilitação e ampliação, actualmente em curso nas secções 19 e 20, resultarem no congestionamento de tráfego. No entanto, a TRAC e seus contratados podem confirmar que todas as medidas de segurança exigidas por lei foram e estão sendo implementadas nesta área de construção.


Pedimos desculpas pelo facto de a construção estar a ter impacto no fluxo de tráfego, no entanto, as obras fazem parte de nossas obrigações contratuais e a TRAC garante que o resultado final será mais benéfico para os usuários da estrada.