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Walking towards better health with KuPhila

When it comes to improving overall health the staff at KuPhila Clinic in Machadodorp are serious! Since officially re-opening its doors in May 2016 the clinic has initiated numerous community health programmes that encourage community members to improve their health and wellbeing.

One such project is the KuPhila Weekly Community Walk which not only encourages people to get up and active, it also encourages them to keep a regular check on their vital health stats. The walk is held every Wednesday and starts from the clinic’s premises in West Street.

kuphila-walk-100_1385 kuphila-walk-100_1387

However before starting on their march, the vitals of all the participants are screened. These include heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and weight. Thereafter resident doctor, Dr. Anwah Adriaanse, leads participants in a pleasant walk around the town and on returning to the clinic the walkers’ vitals are checked again and recorded.

“The idea of the walk and the regular check of vitals gives us indication of the participants’ overall fitness and health,” explains Dr. Adriaanse, “With consistent participation in the walks we can also monitor their fitness progress. With regular exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices a person’s overall wellbeing should improve and that is the message we are trying to convey with this initiative.”

“Everyone who resides in the area is welcome to join. There are no monthly fees – only a donation of R 20.00 per participant, per week which is used to purchase water and a healthy snack for during and after the walk.

Given that KuPhila is currently supported by Trans African Concessions (TRAC) several TRAC employees recently decided to give the weekly walk a try…… and are now hooked.

Pumpkins – a recipe for joy in Machado

When it comes to regaining a positive perspective on life, it really is different strokes for different folks. Some turn to prayer and meditation, others take up a new hobby, while others pop a pill. However in Machadodorp pumpkins have done the trick!

Those who thought that these sweet, bright-coloured vegetables were merely good for a creamy soup or spooky Halloween decorations, will be surprised to know that the simple act of growing the vegetable has helped a group of people in the town gain a new outlook on life.

It is common knowledge that the EmaKhazeni region, where Machadodorp is situated, has faced numerous challenges in the last few years. The current economic climate has left some residents feeling discouraged, zestless and hopeless. This state of affairs has kept resident psychologist at TRAC’s KuPhila Clinic Ronel Brits, extremely busy. The number of cases related to depression, anxiety and stress have been on the increase at the practice which prompted Ronel to find something more holistic to help her patients.

pumpkins-2 pumpkins-3 pumpkins-1

Wanting to simultaneously reinforce the message that healthy living also aids mental fitness, she conceptualized and launched the Carrega Pumpkin Competition which she initially proposed to her patients in a bid to help them improve their frame of mind. For a mere R20 entry fee, each participant got a pumpkin seed packet with instructions on how to plant and grow the vegetable.

Not only did her patients take to the idea, it wasn’t long before word in the small town spread and to date over 80 people have entered the competition. All entrants have now been automatically put on a Carrega Pumpkin Competition Whatsapp group where regular pumpkin-farming tips, healthy eating ideas and recipes are shared.

Everyone who has paid an entry fee is eligible for the grand competition prize (the total of all the entry fees put together) which will be awarded to the individual who grows the biggest pumpkin. The winner will be announced at a “Pampoen Partytjie” scheduled for 4 March next year. At this festival all participants will display their prized squash in the hope that their specimen captures the eyes of the judges.

“I can’t believe how this competition has grown,” exclaims Ronel, “I never imagined it would become so popular. I always knew that giving people ‘a purpose’ can work wonders for the psyche, but never did I think such a small idea would become so hugely popular.”

TRAC reopened the KuPhila Clinic in May this year as part of its CSI Enterprise Development portfolio. TRAC upgraded and re-equipped the facility and will financially support it until it is self-sustainable. The main aim of re-establishing the clinic was to address the severe shortage of medical practitioners and access to quality healthcare in the area.

TRAC CSI Manager, Adri Fourie says that the Carrega Pumpkin initiative certainly proves that the clinic’s staff are in touch with the people they serve and want to make a difference, “We are proud of this creative, and successful, initiative. It goes hand-in-hand with the kind of care and optimism that we hoped KuPhila would bring to EmaKhazeni

“The fact that even the local tourism authorities have shown interest in the project, and are assisting in driving and marketing it, is indicative of its worth for the local community,” concludes Mrs Fourie.

TRAC proud to have Mayor as KuPhile’s first patient

Access to quality health care is a human right and one Trans African Concessions (TRAC) is eager to facilitate within various communities along the N4 Toll Route. As the concessionaire of one of South Africa’s most prominent trade corridors, we are also passionate about uplifting the communities along our highway through Enterprise Development.

The communities living in and around Machadodorp in EmaKhazeni, Mpumalanga are in need of assistance with both these aspects not only due to their geographical positioning but also the economic challenges they have experienced in the past few years.

The area has been plagued with a severe shortage of medical practitioners, and access to quality healthcare, which prompted TRAC to invest in the KuPhila Clinic.  TRAC took charge of this clinic in May this year after it closed down in 2014 following the closure of Assmang Chrome – Machado Mine – its original founder in 2009. Part of TRAC’s role in re-establishing the facility included renovating and upgrading the building and re-equipping it with essential medical equipment before it officially opened on June 7, 2016.

Mayor KuPhile  




Mayor Kuphile 3

In reopening KuPhile, TRAC also became responsible for the salaries of the six staff members which will man the facility – a doctor, Phycologist, Medical Sister, Paramedic and receptionist. The clinic expects to consult at least approximately 100 people a month and its core responsibilities will include the diagnosis and treatment of patients of all ages, the provision of preventative medicine for numerous conditions and promoting overall health and wellness.

Although KuPhile Clinic will work within the private medical services framework, albeit offering services at lower rates than conventional private medical facilities, it will also offer pro-bono services to qualifying members of the local community. As this initiative falls within TRAC’s Enterprise Development scope our aim is to financially support the institution for two years after which it should be self-sustainable. To further ease this process all funds generated by the clinic over the next 24 months will go directly back into the clinic.

According to TRAC CEO, Graham Esterhuysen, as the concessionaire of the N4 Toll Route TRAC is committed to boosting communities along the Maputo Corridor. “We see each and every town and village along this highway as our neighbours and we are passionate about making them healthy and prosperous again.
“We want to see communities thrive and grow, irrespective of their geographical positioning, and we are determined to go out of our way to make this happen – not because we have to, but because we want to. It is our honour to assist whichever way we can.” Mr. Esterhuysen stated during his speech at the official opening.

The opening of the clinic was also attended by Emakhazeni Mayor, Hamzer Ngwenya, who also happened to be its first patient under the TRAC leadership.

Councillor Ngwenya complimented TRAC for demonstrating the true meaning of Ubuntu and labelled the KuPhile Clinic initiative “an exemplary Integrated Development Project (IDP).” He commended TRAC for its patriotism towards the people of South Africa, especially those along the N4 Toll Route, adding that the initiative was helping the local government achieve one of its key priorities – improved access to quality healthcare.


TSB Selati Cup a resounding success

Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world, and witnessing the massive crowd that congregated at Kamhlushwa Stadium in Nkomazi on June 7, 2015 it is obvious that it is the most favoured sport in this part of the universe as well.

The TSB Selati Cup is one of the country’s biggest amateur soccer tournaments which has been played annually since 2006. This year’s competition started in March, culminating to the hotly contested grand final on June 7. As one of its longest standing sponsors, TRAC is proud to be associated with such a successful tournament.

  Selati Cup 2 - Mr David Mashaya of TRAC greets the teams too    Selati Cup 4 - Winning team  Masibekela Arsenal too

Since its inception nine years ago it has grown extensively in terms of competing teams, as well as the value of prizes with the this year’s gold medalists taking home a whopping R75 000 and the runners-up R50 000.

Thousands of spectators from all over Mpumalanga’s Lowveld region gathered at the stadium to support the finalists of the 2015 Cup – the mighty Masibekela Arsenal and Langloop Blue Cranes. It was a very festive atmosphere in the stadium as crowds congregated from early in the morning, all hoping to get the best possible seat available.

In fact, the 10 000-capacity stadium got so full that spectators resorted to climbing onto roof tops and spilling over to the edges of the soccer pitch to see their favourite teams take each other on.

The competition between the finalists was both fierce and impressive with both sides displaying exceptional talent. From the outset of the encounter it became apparent why Masibekela Arsenal and Langloop Blue Cranes were in fact the finalists as neither was willing to relinquish to the other.

However, despite great effort from both squads there could only be one winner at the end of the day with the accolades deservingly going to Masibekela Arsenal who won by two goals to one.

TSB Selati Cup firmly backed by TRAC

The Trans African Concessions (TRAC) is once again, proud to be associated with the 2015 TSB Selati Soccer Cup which kicked off in March and will end in a grand final between the two top teams on June 7 at the KaMhlushwa Soccer Stadium in Nkomazi.

This prestigious competition, Mpumalanga’s most lucrative amateur soccer tournament, has grown in leaps and bounds since 2006. Not only have the numbers of competing teams and supporters escalated, but so too has the value of the prizes for the winners and runners-up. The 2015 tournament boasts lucrative cash incentives and the champions will take home a whopping R75 000 and the runners-up, R50 000.

Of course huge prizes always attract huge competition and this year’s entries practically doubled from previous years with 300 teams participating in the various streams of the tournament. The influx of entrants brought with it a mass following. This was evident when the sponsors gave fans the opportunity to choose which teams they would like to see participating, and via a special voting line, a record of 117 124 votes over a three-week-period was garnered.

Much of the TSB Selati Cup’s success is attributed to its sponsors, such as TRAC, but also to the extensive coverage it gets from local media. Not only is it highlighted extensively in community newspapers, but this year matches will be broadcast by the Mpumalanga community radio station, Nkomazi FM, thus making sure that even those who can’t attend, still feel part of the competition.

Results of the voting were as follows (Top 10 only)
1) Mlambo Royal Cubs
2) Real Aces
3) Mananga Royal City
4) Young Pirates
5) Naughty Boys
6) Real Madrid
7) Sambo Block B United
8) Junior Pirates
9) Mbokodo Wanderers
10) City Stars

With the last fixtures recently concluded, the battle to win the 2015 TSB Selati Cup 2015 is getting fiercer.

The results of the last 16 fixtures were as follows:
Magogeni Santos 2-0 Mbokodo Wanderers
Mashaba United 4-2 No Mistake
Mzinti Young Waves 3-1 Driekoppies City Royal
Mbuzini Hotspurs 1(4)-1(3) Schoemansdal Double Actions
Mananga Royal City 1(6)-1(5) Shando Real Aces
Langeloop Real Aces 4-1 Maduma Young Stars
21 Jump Street 4-1 Ntunda Big Seven

21 Jump Street
Mbuzini Hotspurs
Langeloop Real  Aces
Masibekela Arsenal
Mzinti Young Waves
Masibekela Arsenal
Mashaba United
Magogeni Santos
Mananga Royal City.


Description Total stats
Matches played 119
Goals scored 639
Yellow cards 230
Red cards 30

 Leading goalscorers

Players’ name Team Goals scored
Mandisi Khumalo Ntunda Big Seven 9
Vusi Thobela Mzinti Young Waves 8
Joseph Mochela 21 Jump Street 8
Difference Thobela Masibekela Arsenal 5
Masilela Bongani Langeloop Blue Crane 5
Thabotha Muzi Mashaba United 5