Trans African Concessions (TRAC) manages the N4 Toll Route starting from Solomon Mahlangu off ramp in Tshwane, Gauteng to the Maputo Port in Mozambique.

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N4 Toll Route Update


November 2019 

Weather Warning

Poor visibility, mainly due to heavy mist during early morning hours or at night, causes dangerous driving conditions. Road users are reminded to switch headlights on, increase following distance and reduce travelling speed during adverse weather conditions.


  • Reduce speed and obey speed limits
  • Switch headlights on
  • Keep following distance
  • Remain patient and considerate


  • Attempt to pass the vehicle in front of you when visibility is poor
  • Stop on the side of the road


Quality road infrastructure is an asset which benefits the economy, stimulates growth and development and provides a safe link between people and places. A road needs ongoing maintenance and improvement to ensure that it continues to add value.

As the concessionaire of the N4 Toll Route between Tshwane and Maputo (Mozambique), TRAC is committed to providing a road of high standards. This requires regular road and maintenance works which may, at times, inconvenience road users.

In the interest of road safety and hassle-free usage of the N4 Toll Route, please take note of the following:



High traffic volumes at peak times may influence the duration of delays:

Late afternoons on weekdays: 15:00 – 20:00

Friday afternoons:  15:00 – 20:00

Sunday afternoons: 14:00 – 17:00

Long weekends

Days preceding public/school holidays

Maputo Plaza

Monday to Friday:      05:45 – 09:00

                                    15:00 – 20:00



Witbank to Middelburg

  • The upgrade and rehabilitation project between Witbank and Middelburg is underway;
  • The project is scheduled to be completed by November 2021;
  • Roadworks will include the construction of additional lanes and the rehabilitation of the concrete section of the road;
  • Traffic will be accommodated with lane and shoulder closures;

Belfast to Machadodorp
The major upgrade and rehabilitation project between Belfast and Machadodorp is underway;
The existing road to Machado R541 has been closed, the R36 can still be used for access to and from Machadodorp;

  • Blasting has commenced on the project. Please refer to notice boards on the road and TRAC’s social media pages for dates of blasts which will result in road closures of approximately 15 minutes;

Bambi to Montrose (N4-6Y km 18.0 to km 63.7)

  • Repairs on the existing road section have started
  • This project is expected to be completed by the end of November 2019;
  • Traffic will be accommodated with Stop/Go’s;

Montrose to Alkmaar (N4-7X km 23.0 to km 33.0)
• Rehabilitation of the existing road has commenced;
• Roadworks are expected to be completed by December 2019;

  • Lane and shoulder closures will be in place till December 2019;

Karino (N4-7 Km 62.950 to km 66.250)
• The current interchange is being upgraded to a grade-separated interchange;

  • Construction is scheduled for completion in June 2021;
    • Stop/Go’s and lane closures will be in place during the project;

Crocodile river to Magnesite mine intersection (N4-8X Km 0 to km 15.5)
The existing road is being upgraded to an undivided four-lane carriageway;
Construction is expected to be concluded by 30 June 2021;
The traffic will be accommodated by two-way traffic accommodation and STOP/GO control;




  • Pavement remedial works to start soon, temporary STOP/GO’s will be in place;

Section 17

  • Construction of the Tchumene Interchange is in progress with speed restrictions in place;
  • Deviation at Tchumene Interchange site in effect as from 20 September to last for 3 months;
  • Installation of guardrails in progress at various locations along the section;
  • Pessene LCC repairs to start;

Section 19/20

  • Installation of the median barrier starting soon;
    • Please obey temporary speed limits and restrictions;
    • No forth lane is allowed;

Remember – rather lose a minute in your life, than your life in a minute!

Report accidents, incidents and/or dangerous conditions along the N4 Toll Route to TRAC’s 24-hour Helpdesk.

RSA: 0800 87 22 64 / +27 82 881 4444

Mozambique: +258 84 34 34 34 6

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The N4 Toll Route is a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) toll road, and is approximately 570 kilometres long. TRAC has a 30-year concession with the South African and Mozambican national roads agencies – SANRAL and ANE respectively – signed in 1997 to develop, manage and maintain the road in a bid to stimulate and facilitate trade and investment in three key economical regions – Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Mozambique.

TRAC’s development and maintenance of the N4 toll road is possible through the funds generated from toll fees from the six toll plazas TRAC runs along the route.

Offering some of the most scenic vistas in South Africa, the TRAC N4 Toll Route also offers travelers a feast of historical, scenic and geological features that make for a trip along this majestic road an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, there are a multitude of leisure options to explore, including sports and nature activities, as well as eateries serving delicious, often unique, food and beverages. Read More.