TRAC remains concerned about truck backlog

TRAC remains concerned about truck backlog

As the holiday season approaches – during which high traffic volumes are expected on the N4 Toll Route – Trans African Concessions (TRAC) remains concerned about the truck backlog en route to the Lebombo Border Post.
The delays, which we raised concerns about earlier this month, have intensified, with truck queues now starting 5km from the Komati Load Control Centre on some days. Although truck traffic build-up is not a new dilemma on this part of the route, truck traffic volumes have escalated considerably since September 2019.
Road users, local landowners and businesses have approached TRAC about the problem, which has left us extremely concerned for numerous reasons. These queues not only block farm and business entrances, they also obstruct traffic flow and create safety hazards, which are concerning ahead of the upcoming peak travel period.
TRAC recently met with Lebombo Border Post management and other stakeholders to understand the reasons behind the backlog which, according to officials, is mostly due to a lack of capacity at the border. The officials said that the truck traffic is simply too excessive to be accommodated adequately.
In a bid to improve safety in the affected area and alleviate some of the frustration, TRAC has erected a four-way stop at the Komatipoort/Sasol Garage Intersection. We believe this will at least improve vehicle movement across the intersection. However, further intervention from the relevant authorities is needed to eradicate the problem. Clearing procedures must improve drastically and additional human resources is required, especially during the upcoming holiday season.
We are also of the opinion that expansion is overdue at the Komati Load Control Centre, which is managed by TRAC and owned by SANRAL. This should include the expansion of the facility, through the addition of a second layby, and improvements to the access road. TRAC offered to
assist with a project like this a few years ago but, due to SANRAL’s budgetary constraints, the suggestion was declined.
In view of the above, TRAC urges all road users to take care when driving on this section of the route, remain patient and adhere to road regulations. We also encourage them to plan their trips, especially over the holiday period when high traffic volumes are expected. The Lebombo Border will be operational 24-hours a day from 13 December 2019 to 13 January 2020, which we hope will alleviate some of the congestion.


For more information, traffic updates or to report a problem, call TRAC’s 24-hour Helpdesk on 0800 87 22 64/082 881 4444 (RSA) or +258 84 34 34 34 6 (Moz). Alternatively, follow us on Twitter @TRACN4Route.


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